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Planets, Houses & Rulership:
Energy Transmission in the Horoscope

Your stars today

Planetary Rulers are messengers; they can move the energy of another planet or a house to a different location in the chart. Exploring the ordering principle of rulership assists in a deeper understanding of the chart. It ties together the pieces of the puzzle in a coherent way.
We will be exploring:
  • The Ascendant, its theme and the ruler of the horoscope
  • Mutual reception between planets & houses
  • The placement of the rulers in the 12 houses
  • Assessing the condition of a house ruler

Sat, March 18, 2017  10 am – 4 pm   Lillifield Community Centre, 4505 Kyogle Rd, Wadeville 2474;

Please bring your birth charts along! Morning tea provided
$ 70; $60 conc

Tina  0457903957 or










The Aquarian New Moon on January 28 marked the beginning of the Chinese  Year of the Fire Rooster.  According to Chinese astrology, this year is going to bring many challenges that require quick wit and practical solutions.  The Rooster gives us a wake-up call, heralding a new beginning! Aquarius energy is revolutionary, meaning that power is redistributed from the few back to the many. Aquarians are progressive thinkers who can make brave, optimistic choices in a spirit of community. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and is associated with the Promethean spirit of liberation, change, rebellion, reform and the unexpected break-up of structures combined with the acceleration of thoughts and events. On the downside, Uranus energy can be ruthless, disruptive, shocking, cut off from ordinary human emotions.  2017 is a “Uranus” (=surprise) year and it could be the beginning of a spiritual transformation when awakened human beings will create new societies based on the principles of inventive teamwork and empowered service.   (continued in Astro-forecast for February 2017.

"Photon Shower"

artwork produced by
Gery Mews

A3 and A4 inkjet prints are available for purchase
contact: gerymews@hotmail.com

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Chiron and Lilith:
Archetypes of the ‘Outsider’ in Astrology


In astrology Chiron symbolises ‘the wound’ & ‘the wounded healer’, Lilith the intuitive feminine wisdom & lost core instincts.
They both deal with wounds and trauma. Where Chiron becomes a healer by working with his own incurable wound: Lilith deals with the denial of trauma and repression; digging it up by facing the shadows and the rage that follows, before she restores her connection with the universe again.
In myth Lilith ends up as an outcast because the refuses to be dominated. She is part of the Earth, a relic of the ancient intuitive snake goddesses of pre-Christian religion. Chiron is an outsider: a planetoid who came from someplace else, probably the Kuiper Belt, and got drawn into the magnetic field of our solar system.
Both energies are a channel to our spirituality & and authentic Self and give our live a deeper meaning.

Saturday, April 29 Mullumbimby 10 am – 4 pm  
Mullumbimby Yoga Peace Centre,
2/44 Burringbar St
(above News agency)

$ 80 (conc available), morning tea provided
Tina 0457 903 957  star-loom@hotmail.com