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Astrology Term 3, 2016

The Planets: Key Players in the Horoscope

Every planet in the chart represents an aspect of our soul/self. It contains lots of potential and reflects very specific energies, characteristics and needs that call for expression on a spiritual, psychological and physical level.
In this 8-week course we will explore the planetary principles and tune into their essence. We will discover how the planets can become ‘helpful tools’ in our lives.

8 Wednesadays, August 3– September 21, 10 am – 1 pm at the Lillifield Community Centre

contact: 0457903957 or star-loom@hotmail.com







September is a time of transition, when the Sun journeys through the earthy and pragmatic realm of Virgo before entering the cardinal sign Libra during the equinox September 23. A very potent Solar eclipse in Virgo  (powerful New Moon) opens the stage on September 1, followed by a lunar eclipse in Pisces (powerful Full Moon ) on September 17. Eclipses happen twice a year, when there is an exact alignment between Sun, Moon and the Earth. Energetically, they function as portals that can open new pathways and options. They amplify our opportunities for transformation and can shift old programs (continued in Astro-forecast for September 2016).

"Birth of the Sun"

artwork produced by
Gery Mews

A3 and A4 inkjet prints are available for purchase
contact: gerymews@hotmail.com

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The Astrology of Relationship:
Siblings, Partners, Friends

We will explore:

  • birth order and fate

  • the planets and houses of relationship

  • astrological aspects as patterns of relating

  • the Black Moon Lilith and the issue of equality

  • the art of chart comparison

September 10; 9.30 am – 4 pm

Lillifield Community Centre near Nimbin;  4505 Kyogle Rd (next to Barkers Vale School);Costs: $ 70; conc $60
contact: Tina 0457 903 957;