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Astrology Term , 2017

Reading the Map: The 12 Houses in Astrology and Their Rulers


8 Wednesadays, February 1 - March 22,
10 am – 1 pm at the Lillifield Community Centre

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The deep transformative frequencies of the Uranus/Pluto square has dominated our evolutionary development for most of this decade. Since the end of 2016 a new astrological pattern has been building in the heavens above, a T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto (active until August 2017).  The T-square will be peaking during the Full Moon on January 12, followed by another powerful period during February 21-April 2o. .....Jupiter/Uranus will be active until October 2017 and can bring on the big break-through or break-down. Uranus reminds us that chaos is an essential phase in the evolutionary process when old structures have to break down before a new paradigm can emerge. The frequency must be turned up for the consciousness revolution to occur. Thus Jupiter/Uranus signifies the acceleration of the Higher mind & our intuitive wisdom. On the mundane level, this planetary opposition signifies the current schism and polarisation of various belief systems, religions and ethical codes. Any opposition indicates that something lost its balance and that a new one has to be created. It impels us to move from conflict to cooperation by shifting our way of thinking. Uranus can give us licence to walk an independent way. However, most importantly, we are awakening to the frequency of unity consciousness and can experience ourselves as part of a much greater union,  the Web of Life itself.  (continued in Astro-forecast for 2017.


"As Above, So Below"

artwork produced by
Gery Mews

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